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New dry ice cleaning technology - without any harmful influence on the environment!

Cleaning with dry ice has many advantages if compared with classic sandblasting or cleaning with water..

Dry ice efficiently removes dirt, and ice itself turns into harmless gas CO2 and there is no water, dust or sand left behind. The only result of cleaning with dry ice is cleaned workpiece.

How does cleaning with dry ice work?

The unit is composed of pelletizer, which quick and efficiently produces dry ice pellets of different density during cleaning procedure, so you do not have to fill the unit during cleaning. This is why dry ice cleaning is time saving.

Recycling unit for re-use of dry ice is quick, efficient (50%) and lowers the cost of ice purcase by half.

Cleaning machine - blaster is due to newest technology highly efficient and enables remarkable cleaning results.

Take a look at the cleaning with dry ice article, which was published in november's 2011 issue of MFN article (metal finishing news)!



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  • Cleaning with dry ice
  • Cleaning with dry ice.pdf

    PDF document, Size: 1.874 kb

  • ReMaTec - Remanufacturing solutions
  • RemaTEC - Remanufacturing_solutions_brochure.pdf

    PDF document, Size: 832 kb

  • MFN Article - Cleaning of renewable products
  • MFN_Article_-_Cleaning_of_renewable_products.pdf

    PDF document, Size: 406 kb

    Have a look at the FerroÈrtaliè dry ice conference article in our partner company Triventek's newsletter!



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